Daily Archives: July 28, 2015

Inspireality Palace

Gloria Lamb & Perry Freeze, along with SuperFriends Synaesthesia & LA Fire Brigade want to bring Inspireality Palace to Black Rock City 2014! Inspireality Palace is a structure, a journey, a communal space and a transformational experience- it is the great convergence, where every pathway is an entrance and all doors lead to the present…
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Circumvolute was an art installation by Gloria Lamb for Black Rock City 2012. Circumvolute.  (It's really not a made up word)  It is a verb that means : to wind or turn in volutions, especially in an inward spiral.  The walls are made of a steel frame and to it is tied super sparkly sheer…
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Gloria began her Burning Man journey in 2007.  Working by day as an Art Director for variety television and live events, her skills carry over as a Black Rock City installation artist (Circumvolute - 2012; Inspireality Palace - 2014) and theme camp creator (Super Friends Synaesthesia - part of village BRC HOA).  That is, when…
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