Monthly Archives: April 2017

The Bubble Lounge

Since it was first conceived in 1999 by Esquire, Tomas Norvaisas and Pierre Vuilleumier, the Bubble Lounge has been located in Center Camp eight times including 2014 when we were located directly across the street from Artica on the  corner facing the cafe.
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Flattery Camp

Flattery Camp continues to be one of the oldest continuously operating theme camps on the playa. Showering participants with positive affirmations, performance art
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Doctor Love

I go by Lodo on and off the Playa. Off the playa I'm a physics major at UCSB who spends far too much time in my backyard building impractical projects with whatever power tools I can get my hands on. On the Playa I'm Doctor Love trying my best to put out the loving vibes…
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