Directions to Burning Man from LA

These are the directions someone wrote up for the Burning Man website yeeeeears ago - I believe by Capt'n Shady, with help from Crunchy and BadAss Brad (all of Gigsville fame, and since updated). When Burning Man redesigned their website, they moved the directions (I can't find them anywhere) so thought it best to repost them here.

Enjoy, and see you in the dust!

Option One: Astroturf Highway

  1. Interstate 5 North to Sacramento - Interstate 80 East to Reno, Nevada.
  2. From Reno, take the 80 east for approximately 30 miles.
  3. Take the Wadsworth/Pyramid Lake exit #43 to Hwy 447.
  4. Go north 1 mile to Wadsworth and turn left, staying on Hwy 447 for 75 miles to Empire.
  5. Continue 3 miles on Hwy 447 to Gerlach.

Highlights: Reserved for those who depend on corporate owned and operated chain restaurants/hotels to get them across the country without incident. This is, by far, the most lackluster approach to Burning Man one could make.

Option Two: American Dream - Crunchy’s favorite

  1. Route 14 N to Suburbia.
  2. Route 395 North to Reno, Nevada.
  3. From Reno, take the 80 east for apx 30 miles.
  4. Take the Wadsworth/Pyramid Lake exit #43 to Hwy 447.
  5. Go north 1 mile to Wadsworth & turn left, staying on Hwy 447 for 75 miles to Empire. Continue 3 miles on Hwy 447 to Gerlach.

Highlights: This is a great drive through the Mojave Desert and when you get into the Sierra Nevada mountains it becomes simply incredible, with breathtaking views all around. You are often in places quite rural and remote but there are still plenty of services and supermarkets and restaurants to keep you from going into convulsions or heavy breathing.

Option Three: Playa Bdass’ UPDATED Super Spooky Desert Route To BRC

Don’t Panic! Open a big bag of food for the pets. Fill your gas tank, fill it when ever you can!

  1. Take the I-5 N to CA-14 N Palmdale / Lancaster. It’s 268 miles from LA to Bishop, get fuel in Lancaster ( Douggie Style went to High School in Lancaster ) if you need it.
  2. CA-14 N to US-395 N Bishop. Ca-14 N merges with the 395.
  3. Stop in Bishop at the BBQ place on your left. $$ but good. GET Fuel, 197 miles to the next 24 hour gas station.
  4. Continue North on US-395 ( Main ST ) to US-6 Basalt.
  5. US-6 for 52 miles to NV-360 Tonopah Junction. Watch for UFO’s, Nevada State Troopers, and cows.
  6. NV-360 for 23 miles to the stop sign an TEE intersection. Sometimes there is a US-95 sign sometimes not. Make a Left turn at the stop sign.
  7. US-95 N 32 miles, pass by Mina and Luna, Hawthorne, a good place for fuel, watch for torpedoes in the lake. Home of US Submarine Warfare Center. US-95 N to Schurz. Now we Depart from Nobody’s route . Take the US-95 N to the RIGHT towards Fallon. The other way takes you to an Indian Casino and up a mountain.
  8. In Fallon turn Left onto US-50 towards Fernley. The Navy bombs the desert around Fallon.
  9. Take US-50 for 9.3 miles to US-50 ALT for 17 miles. You’re in Fernley, go under the Rail Road Bridge. Good Place for fuel. If you get on the I-80 E for 1 or 2 exits there should be a big 24 hour Grocery Store on your right.
  10. US-50/ US-95 / US-50 ALT / Main ST all become one in Fernley, Take it North under the I-80, where the road becomes NV-427. This route bypasses the Indian Tobacco store.
  11. NV-427 to NV-447 N, Right turn onto NV-447 N Nixon/ Empire/ Gerlach
  12. GERLACH to BRC - Take HWY-34 apx. 11 miles, follow the signs.

----WELCOME HOME---- Give BadassBrad a beer

Miles between places:

  • LA to Lancaster apx 70 miles
  • LA to Bishop 267 miles
  • Lancaster to Bishop 198 miles
  • LA to Fernley NV 492 miles
  • Bishop to Hawthorne 118 miles
  • Bishop to Fernley NV 225 miles
  • Hawthorne to Fallon 72 miles
  • Hawthorne to Fernley 99 miles
  • Fallon to Fernley 27 miles
  • Hawthorne to Gerlach 177 miles
  • Fernley to Gerlach 79 miles
  • Bishop to Gerlach 302 miles
  • Gerlach to BRC 11 miles

--- Total Miles: Los Angeles CA to Black Rock City NV: 579 miles ---



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