Support a Burning Man Project

How Do I Support a Burning Man Art Project?

So you'd like to help out with an art project, but you're not sure how. Well, you can gift your services, skills, time, resources, or funding.  There are plenty of projects in need of assistance.

Here's how to find them:

—--Find out how to contribute your skills or resources to a project through the Spark system.

—--Watch the Jackrabbit Speaks and THIS announce list for requests from artists for assistance.

—--Take a look in the Art and Performance discussion area of the ePlaya.

—On playa, visit the ARTery to find artists seeking help on the playa.

—--Like to help fund a project? Find a complete list of projects doing online crowdfunding on the Burning Man Support a Project page.

—--Check out our very own Support A Project page to support local LA projects:

—--Check out this page on other ways to Participate on the Burning Man page:

—--And our very own Participate section for local projects:

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