Circumvolute was an art installation by Gloria Lamb for Black Rock City 2012.

Circumvolute.  (It's really not a made up word)  It is a verb that means : to wind or turn in volutions, especially in an inward spiral. 

The walls are made of a steel frame and to it is tied super sparkly sheer black and gold theatrical fabric.  At the entrance, the 300' long spiral stands 15' high.  Winding towards center, the walls diminish to 1', giving visitors the feeling of being in a bowl.  Visibility through the sheer fabric will change based on the time of day.  At night, the top ridge will be illuminated, and from the center, the sparkly black will mask the city lights and blend with the sky.

All of the fabric being used was saved and would have otherwise been thrown away.  The lighting is all solar powered (solar stake lights and a marine battery charged by solar panels for the EL wire).

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