Inspireality Palace

Gloria Lamb & Perry Freeze, along with SuperFriends Synaesthesia & LA Fire Brigade want to bring Inspireality Palace to Black Rock City 2014!

Inspireality Palace is a structure, a journey, a communal space and a transformational experience- it is the great convergence, where every pathway is an entrance and all doors lead to the present moment. The structure is an immense Fermat Spiral, a naturally-occurring shape of two spirals circling inwards.  The massive, curving exterior is covered in hard, glossy, black scales that sway gently in the wind. As you walk through one of the two identical entrances, you enter a hallway that expands to towering 18ft tall archways, then contracts back down to another entrance, leading you to the inner sanctuary. This pure white room is an inviting, comfortable space to seek shelter from the heat and to connect with others. Egg chairs invite you to rest within the soft fabric walls and ceiling. The slatted wooden floor is laid out in a beautiful radial pattern expanding from the center. At night this floor will be underlit with color-changing lights, altering the color of the entire room.  As travelers find sanctuary inside the Palace, they will swap stories and experiences, creating a temporary community in the deep playa.

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