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The last meetup of 2016!

Hello all! The Westside meetup is on for next Wednesday night, December 28 at the Pink Elephant in Santa Monica! It's a great event to meet your fellow westside burners while dancing your butt off with the help of DJs (and co-meetup organizers) Todd Spero and Jacob Casmir! But it gets better! LA League of…
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2016 LA Decom Info & Permits! Meetup cancellations! Be A Regional Contact!

Today's newsletter has tons of good Decom news - plus info on the BM meetups and continuing search for more LA regional contacts! Enjoy - Plaid ======== LA BURNING MAN ANNOUNCE 10/26/16 : LA DECOM & SEARCH FOR REGIONAL REPS EDITION ========= INTRODUCTION Well hello there! Didja miss us? We’ve missed you! It’s been a bit since we’ve sent…
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~Self nomination time has been extended till after the burn!~ Hello, Greater Los Angeles Burners! The Los Angeles Regional Contact team is kicking off a search for five (5) amazing Burners to join them as the newest set of co-Regional Contacts (RCs) in support of the Greater Los Angeles Burner community. The amazing co-RC, Athena…
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2016 LA Decompression is ON!

We've got contracts signed for LA Decom 2016's date: November 5 at a downtown indoor/outdoor location! We are now in the (extensive) permitting process, read more about it under LA DECOM PROCESS AND UPDATES on the site. Check back weekly for the permits update. In the meanwhile, start dusting off your art, projects, theme…
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LA Decompression 2016 is on!

We've got a contract for a downtown warehouse location for Nov. 5, and we are moving full-steam ahead! Want to help or perform? Check out the sign-up forms on!  
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2016 LA Decom Needs Your Help!

2016 LA DECOM NEEDS YOUR HELP! Event date: October 1, 2016  From: The board members of your LA Burning Man community non-profit, LA League of Arts and your LA Burning Man regional representatives We have been hard at work trying to set up a venue for LA Decom 2016. We are considering a number of locations since, once again,…
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Great new burner-made earthquake preparedness site

~From my friend and Gigsvillain Kevissimo - keep a lookout for his most excellent "Not doomsday" preparedness classes, too! - Plaid~ Ok, kids. Many people have been asking me about what emergency supplies to get along with info on emergency/earthquake preparedness and other resources. So I finally think I've dialed this site in. Thanks, Kara!…
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[caption id="attachment_6459" align="alignleft" width="604"] Map of Fly Ranch[/caption] [In case you didn't see this in the Burning Man newsletter or on their site, here's some pretty frickin' big news from the Burning Man Org! - Plaid] Wait, what? Burning Man Project has purchased the Fly Ranch property, 3,800 acres of land located twenty-one miles north…
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Art Cars and Sculptors Needed for 2016 LALA Fundraiser!

Attention... ART CARS and SCULPTURES needed! LA Burners, the Los Angeles League of Arts NEEDS YOU! On Saturday June 25th we are staging a fundraiser for the Santee High School Aquaponics Garden that we are building and we need art cars and sculptures to help turn the central courtyard at the high school into an…
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Seis de Mayo (East side meetup) at Theory Labs tonight!

Tonight (Friday, May 6) is the East Side Meetup's special "Seis de Mayo" event at Theory Labs in the Brewery east of downtown. Be there or be square! Details We miss you so much! Theory Labs still hasn't recovered from April's Brewery Art Walk, but we're ready for our Burner friends to please return and…
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 ======== LA BURNING MAN ANNOUNCE 5/3/16 =========   INTRODUCTION Sorry ‘bout not sending the newsletter out last week, guys, I told Gloria I’d do her newsletter for her birthday then found out the Burning Man Placement Questionnaire (From Hell) was due 2 days later. This is important because I’m co-mayor of Gigsville this year aaaaaaaaand…
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======== LA BURNING MAN ANNOUNCE 4/19 /16-ish =========   INTRODUCTION   Sorry for the delay, kiddos, but my laptop froze during a bios update and, well, I’ve had to resurrect my OLD laptop while why new one is away being fixed in “please-Dell-don’t-delete-my-hard-drive-land-and-fix-everything-right-please-thank-you”-land and so it’s been a slllllooooow but sure process to get this…
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LA Burning Man Announce 4/5/16

======== LA BURNING MAN ANNOUNCE 4/5/16 ========= INTRODUCTION Wow! We made it through BEquinox 3 weekends ago, then the Global Leadership Conference (Burning Man dork fest) in San Fran this past weekend, I’m not just full of playa love and my brain swimming with everything I learned – I’m pooped! I’m looking forward to a…
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~this garden has been our Burner Without Borders project. ~ Please support our Santee High School Aquaponics Garden Project! Los Angeles League of Arts has applied for a grant with Seeds of Change. Grants are awarded based on public voting. Please vote!! The voting period begins on March 31, 2016, so tell your friends to…
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INTRODUCTION Sorry guys, I got so caught up in unpacking from BEquinox I forgot it was my week to do the newsletter! So here it is, better late than never! BEquinox was exactly what I needed; a taste of the playa a few hours from home. I only got to go for the weekend so…
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======== LA BURNING MAN ANNOUNCE 3/1/16 ========= INTRODUCTION Happy… Thursday? Yep, I guess it’s Thursday now – by a few minutes anyway – and I’m finally getting the time to finish this here newsletter. Please forgive my tardiness, it’s been a CRAZY week, I mean month, I mean year! Whew I’m tired just thinking about…
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Voting for the 2 board positions for the LA League of Arts (the non-profit behind LA Burning Man) ends today, March 1! You can find out everything you need to know (and more) at the link below, including nominee's statements and videos of their 5 minute speeches at the last Town Hall Meeting. Vote TODAY!…
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LA Burning Man Weekly Announce/Newsletter 2-23-16

We're going to try something new: we're going to publish our weekly LA Burning Man Announce/Newsletter here in the blog, in addition to sending it out to those who have signed up for it. That way all of y'all (or all y'all as I'd say it in Texas) can benefit from our gathering of news, events, things…
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Here’s a Cheat Sheet of Free Museum Days in L.A. For December (2015)

~Thank you for this!~ Looking for a handy list free museum days in December? Got you covered. The intent of this “cheat-sheet” is to denote specific free days in December for museums that normally charge an admission. As a reminder, there are over two dozen museums in and around Los Angeles that offer free…
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Call for artists: Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk

Deadline: November 20 at midnight The Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk is a 501©3 nonprofit promoting the visual arts and culture in Downtown Los Angeles. In addition to the popular Art Walk event on the second Thursday of each month, our organization routinely works with partners to curate pop-ups and alternative art spaces all over…
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“A Night Market is a transient bazaar where one can encounter a variety of mysterious lounges, theaters, galleries, cafes, installations and other activities, all situated within seemingly ordinary box trucks.” We like to think of the Los Horizon Night Market as a temporary pop-up creative and participatory space for people to interact with one another.…
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Dear Artists and Friends, I'm very excited to announce that the online form for submitting a Letter of Intent (LOI) for The 2016 Global Art Grants grant cycle is now open. This program, formerly the Black Rock Arts Foundation Grants to Artists program, funds interactive and community-based artworks and art programs worldwide and year-round. The…
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[get money for your Burning Man art!] Greetings! On behalf of Burning Man Arts, I want to share the good news that we've opened the online form to submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) for the 2016 Black Rock City Honoraria program. Submitting an LOI is the first step in the process toward receiving funding…
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>>>>~~~~2015 LA BURNING MAN DECOMPRESSION DATE AND LOCATION CONFIRMED!~~~~<<<< IT’S TIME TO GET OUR BURN ON! We are delighted to have found and secured the best site possible for our signature event as a community: The 13th Annual Burning Man Decompression Arts and Music Celebration.  LET’S GLOW & SHINE! The Imperial Art Studios will boast: 3 Warehouses…
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Support a Burning Man Project

How Do I Support a Burning Man Art Project? So you'd like to help out with an art project, but you're not sure how. Well, you can gift your services, skills, time, resources, or funding.  There are plenty of projects in need of assistance. Here's how to find them: —--Find out how to contribute your…
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Avi & Plaid & Gloria & Art (and more!) have been working for many many many months on this brand-spanking sparkly new website. We’re building a place for Los Angeles burners to thrive! We’ve had a few great content meetings and have some amazing people with good ideas on the team, but are still looking for a few…
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Welcome to the new!

We are thrilled to introduce you to the new place for the LA Burning Man community to thrive:!   Months (really, years) of thought and effort have gone into this website overhaul and we think you will be thrilled with the results. We now have a place to:   ~~~~LEARN~~~~ About how to BURN AROUND LA…
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LA River Corp Seeks Large Art Pieces for Urban Garden Party

The LA River Corp is throwing their 5th Annual Urban Garden Party, a celebration that brings together civic leaders and change-makers who support transforming the LA River into a grand public destination. This year we will be honoring Senator Kevin De Leon and renowned architect Frank Gehry for their innovative leadership along the LA River.…
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Directions to Burning Man from LA

These are the directions someone wrote up for the Burning Man website yeeeeears ago - I believe by Capt'n Shady, with help from Crunchy and BadAss Brad (all of Gigsville fame, and since updated). When Burning Man redesigned their website, they moved the directions (I can't find them anywhere) so thought it best to repost them…
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If you bring your camera or phone to the playa….

Virgin Burners, pro tip: If you're taking your mobile phone to use as your camera, set the lock screen image to have your name/playa name, camp location, and email address. If you lose it, it can be returned to you that way. Also, if it is instead returned to Playa Info, it's easier to claim…
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Packing List, Tips and Tricks, and adventure!

By Mack Reed Hey, Burning Man virgins! Welcome to the big adventure. I put this together for our theme camp (Swing City) last year. Hope it's useful to you. Our family just enjoyed our 11th year on-playa since '96 (the 8th for the kids) and I wanted to share all those years of tips we've…
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The possession of knowledge
does not kill the sense of wonder
and mystery. There is always
more mystery.

— Anais Nin



















Axayacoatl Art Project Fundraising & Bike Parts

~~LALA Board Member Marc Rosenthal is one of the artists!~~ The Axayacoatl project seeks your participation! Axayacoatl is a 21' tall copper mask of the Mexican feathered serpent god, with interactive flame effects and lighting. The project is created by the Firebulb collective including LA artists Marc Rosenthal, Johny America, Nicole Gagne, Brett Doar and…
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Calling All Pedalbumpers!!

Join the PedalBump Pit Crew BUILD Team! Help build and design PedalBump for our 3rd year and become a part of something bigger! Make connections and bond with like-minded creative burners while wrenching, riveting, painting and decorating. Roll up your sleeves and get greasy with us! There’s nothing quite like the feeling of pride when…
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Burning Man Survival Guide 2015

Mandatory reading for everybody attending Burning Man, here's your Survival Guide for Burning Man 2015. Whether you're a well-heeled veteran or a shiny first-timer, you'll want to read this through ... learn it ... live it ... and survive to tell the tale of your mind-blowing Burning Man experience. Burning Man 2015 Survival Guide:
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Packing Lists from Burn.Life

Thank you to Burn.Life for their wonderful Preparing and Attending guides.

Here's the link to their packing lists, nicely done!

There's no such thing as a 'definitive' packing list for Burning Man. What you're bringing depends on what kind of thing you're staying in (tent? yurt? box truck? RV?) and what your requirements are both for your individual survival and enjoyment, and for how you're going to contribute to your camp (if you're part of one) and Burning Man at large.

Having said that, here are a couple packing lists to help guide you.

Burning Man Packing List (& Tips)

Mad props to Ray Burman ( and Crunchy Mama of Big Art Labs ( for such a great checklist to start from… THANK YOU!   Be as organized as you can There’s nothing worse than spending your entire time at Burning Man searching for stuff. In general, I try to keep everything in clear bins,…
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Join the Black Rock French Quarter

Looking for a camp to join or participate with?

The Black Rock French Quarter village is a collection of camps devoted to visceral experiences, such as the elegant cocktail lounge and live music venue known as the Golden Cafe, the Black Rock Bakery famous for its wedding cakes and liquid nitrogen ice cream, the Broken Angel Bathhouse that provides custom soaps and scrubs to visitors, and Cafe de la Fin du Monde serving gourmet coffees.

Our members include builders, artists, musicians, bartenders, chefs, performers, bakers, costumers, and just about anyone else seeking to create a unique experience to share with the Black Rock City community.

And this year, we are doing something special...


Gigsville is not a place. It occupies no location and has no address. Though its citizens come from all walks of life, have jobs (at least most of them), eat regular food, keep pets, sleep and all the things that normal people do, they are essentially a community of like-spirited folk who like to dress weird and blow things up. They do this kind of thing on a decently regular basis. They came into existance in the bleak days before the 1998 Burning Man Festival.

Since that time their numbers have grown into the hundreds, adopted a Code Of Conduct and now have their dark little hearts set on world domination. But since they are a relatively unorganized bunch as a whole, that will probably not happen any time soon. In the meantime they are content with regular outings into the desert to perform improvised fire haikus over a B.A.F., race rocket cars made from Twinkies and occasionally some of them will breath fire and drink too much scotch.

But they are not all about peace and love. There is also art. Some of it is 2, 3 or 4 dimentional but mostly Gigsvillians are their own artform.

"We're not here to accomplish anything greater than creating opportunities to spend time together a few times a year and inspire each other from time to time. There is not now – nor has there ever been - any great cabal dictating what people can and can't do here, except for matters of obvious public safety, and even that has been a kangaroo court at best." - Buck Down, Mayor Emeritus

Gigsville's Code of Conduct

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