Avi & Plaid & Gloria & Art (and more!) have been working for many many many months on this brand-spanking sparkly new LABurningMan.com website. We’re building a place for Los Angeles burners to thrive!

We’ve had a few great content meetings and have some amazing people with good ideas on the team, but are still looking for a few good peeps:

~ a photo/video editor/wrangler

~ a content editor/wrangler (for the site or just for a section)

~ a wrangler for the profiles section which will feature pages for burners/artists/performers (we have an editor for theme camps and art cars!)

writers who’d like to write evergreen/timeless copy, like How to Enrich Your Experience at Burning ManWhere to shop for playa gear in LA etc.

bloggers and video bloggers and photographers and videographers to help bring the site to life!


We’re looking for content creators and curators for sections like:

• About the Burn

• Behind the Scenes

• Burn Around LA

• The 10 Principles (+ LA’s bonus principle: Gratitude!)

• Opinions

• Participate

• Profiles (on people, camps, art… did you see the amazing list of people/communities we brainstormed in the LA Burners FB group?)

• Tips, Tricks, & Wisdom

Do you have the skillz and enthusiasm (!!) and want to help make the LA BM site the best frickin’ regional site it can be? Then contact us (plaid@laburningman.com and gloria@laburningman.com), we’d love to grow the production team!

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