Sunday December 4th
5p – 9pmish
The Other Door –
10437 Burbank Blvd.,
North Hollywood, 91601

This is a 21 and over event
Ticket price – Free!

This years event is gonna be a bit different… smaller, simpler… during the dayish and yet somehow familiar.

When you arrive at the event, you will be given a bag of tokens. Use these tokens to “vote”… help us decide… how to distribute $15,000 in grant monies to the camps, artists, musicians and participants of BEquinox 2017. We distribute the $15,000 based on how many tokens each entry receives… so please, show your appreciation by sharing your tokens with one or several of the projects that will be represented.

Also, everyone attending Blissmas will be voting on the Effigy that will burn at BEquinox on March 18th 2017.

* ' * ' * ' * ' * ' * BEquinox GRANTS * ' * ' * ' * ' * ' *

Are you hoping to BEring something to BEquinox in 2017?

Do you need money for that something? A piece of that $15,000 could go a long way!... Art, Stage, Theme Camp, Flow Arts supplies, fire… anything….

If you want in, just complete the Grant application… the link is below.

By presenting your something at Blissmas, you will at least have the possibility of getting a piece of the Grants. If you don’t present your something at Blissmas, you will not have the chance of getting any Grant money for BEquinox. And, if you are awarded a Grant and cannot attend BEquinox, we will redistribute your Grant monies back to the other Grant winners.

The link for the BEquinox Grant application is here…


Read it all… fill it all out. Be sure to complete and submit a budget. Without a completed budget, your application will not be accepted. Budgets don’t have to be crazy detailed, but we do want to know what you are planning to do with the Grant. This isn’t your first time doing this… really, keep it simple. Transportation, material costs, rentals, etc. Do not list contingency costs, artist’s fees, labor as this grant is not intended to cover these types of expenses.

* ' * ' * ' * ' * ' * BEquinox Effigy * ' * ' * ' * ' * ' *

Would you like to build and BEring the effigy to BEquinox 2017? If your answer is yes, please fill out the application here…


If you have any questions, please send an email to Deb Stiers at deb@laburningman.com.

Thanks so much,

The BEquinox Team

Bequinox Effigy 2015

Bequinox Effigy 2015