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Hi there!

I am a very enthusiastic BM virgin -- yet to attend. Athletic male, in early 30's. I am trying to attend 2016, though it seems hopeless at this point. I came to know about BM for the first time this January (2016). It opened my mind since then. Very curious to know what is out there, how I can better myself and help others.

Some of the areas I'm needing help with are:

  • Figuring out what village/camp to choose
  • Getting a ticket & a vehicle pass (or hopefully go with a group/someone)
  • Survival tips

Hope to meet you cool burner ladies and gentlemen here, hit me up!

Interest: Photography, Art, Creativity, Bohemian and Hippie fashion, Community, Meditation, Civic Duty

Disinterest: Drugs, smoking, alcohol

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