ASK FLAGG! All your Pre and Post Burn Car Maintence questions from a certified mechanic!

Hi everyone! I'm Flagg, a certified mechanic and burner, I help burners every year get the car to the burn and back.

I'm happy to help answer all your questions regarding pre and post burn maintence but first a few rules about how to post your questions:

Start your post BEFORE your questions like this:

Make, Model, Year, Mileage:

Then your question(s) here!


So an example would be:

Ford, Probe GT, 1997, 174,000(ish)

Should I get new tires before the burn? Mine have 300,000 miles on them.


When replying, please do the same, it can be hard in busy threads to remember who's car we're talking about!



Flagg (The Mechanic in Black...)

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