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The Shenanigan Wagon

A quaint covered wagon on the outside, and always a party on the inside, the Shenanigan Wagon returns to the Playa for its second year for more dusty, Colonial fun. No need for a dozen oxen, the Shenanigan Wagon comes with its own horsepower – originally a Ford Ranger pick-up truck, the designers and builders,…
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Jabba Barge

No fundraising efforts at this time though the car is for rent here:!rentals/c20x9

Jabba Barge Art Car/Stage

Born: 2012

Video of the build:

The Jabba Barge is a mutant vehicle aka: Art Car, which is the brain child of Adam Mostow more than four years ago. He knew the work it would take to create the car and there would only be one person willing to take on the time it would take to make a masterpiece, fabricator and metal sculptor, David Haskell.

Charlie the Unicorn Art Car

Where art, music and mythology intersect in Black Rock City to celebrate Burning Man....

Charlie The Unicorn Art Car is an homage to the most infamous unicorn in the history of popular culture.

Inspired by great balls of fire, candy cane stripper poles and rainbow glitter, this one of a kind land-yacht is as unique as the phenomenon that inspired it.

On the playa, Charlie The Unicorn Art Car is known for epic DJ sets, mesmerizing laser light shows and massive fire balls that shoot from his horn.

Charlie The Unicorn Art Car is a creation of Camp Charlie which is an L.A. based collection of dreamers, artists and adventurers who decided that "Yes, the world DOES need a 20' tall unicorn on wheels!"





Resident Unicorn DJs