Welcome to the new LABurningMan.com!

We are thrilled to introduce you to the new place for the LA Burning Man community to thrivewww.LABurningMan.com!


Months (really, years) of thought and effort have gone into this website overhaul and we think you will be thrilled with the results.

We now have a place to:

About how to BURN AROUND LA
ABOUT THE BURN, preparing for it, getting there, being there (!!), and bringing it back
About the 10 PRINCIPLES (and our bonus eleventh!) that help focus us and help us thrive


~~~~Enjoy COMMUNITY~~~~

Meet your fellow BURNERS, discover our ART, learn about LA's THEME CAMPS and MUTANT VEHICLES



Find out how to PARTICIPATE in projects around LA

Connect and grow through our burner CLASSIFIEDS

Find out how you can SUPPORT A PROJECT being created in LA


~~~~Share MEDIA~~~~

Bask in the glow of LA's long-awaited playa movie: BURNERWOOD

Share your burner IMAGES and VIDEOS


~~~~Find EVENTS~~~~

One central CALENDAR to connect LA's burner world

Get involved in LA's next DECOM

Learn about our regional campout BEQUINOX

Get to know other LA burners at our MONTHLY MEETUPS

Learn and/or teach at our NEWBIE ORIENTATIONS

Vote for to fund art and projects for BEquinox at BLISSMAS


~~~~Read the BLOG~~~~

Stay current with LA Burning Man news though our BLOG

Sign up for our weekly LA BM-centric NEWSLETTER



The first step (after pursuing the site – and watching the long-awaited LA Souk recreation of Princess Bride: BURNERWOOD!) is to create your own LA Burner Profile page, where you can tell the community a little about yourself, what you do, what you do for fun, your burn history, and more! You can also create profiles for your theme camps, mutant vehicles, and art!


(If you have any trouble, we’ve written up instructions, they’re under a drop down that says “How to Use the Site” in the top left corner of all pages. If you still have questions, or find a bug in the site, you can submit your issues here: http://www.tiny.cc/labmbugform.)


Once you have a Burner Profile, you can submit Articles (if you can dream it up and it relates to the community, you can post it!). And we’re very excited to have a place to share Events on one, central community calendar that we can all benefit from!


There’s even a Classifieds section so you can buy/sell stuff, find or post job openings, find tickets and rideshares and more… think Craigslist, for us!


We’ve got some wonderful contributors to the site, and would love more! There’s info on how to get involved in the first post of this newsletter (we could use help in every category, from programming and CSS to project management and content contribution).


This site has been a labor of love for those of us getting this started, but now it’s your chance to really USE the site as a place to meet each other, learn about each other’s lives and projects, and connect through events and classifieds. Like I said in the intro, we’re looking forward to having a place for the Los Angeles Burning Man community to thrive!



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