Calling All Pedalbumpers!!

Join the PedalBump Pit Crew BUILD Team!

Help build and design PedalBump for our 3rd year and become a part of something bigger! Make connections and bond with like-minded creative burners while wrenching, riveting, painting and decorating.

Roll up your sleeves and get greasy with us! There’s nothing quite like the feeling of pride when seeing your work out on the Esplanade for everyone to enjoy!

We will have 8 Build days in Los Angeles (Including Load and Unload) :

Join us for SIX build days to become part of the team and you will earn:

~ An Official Pit Crew Jacket
~ A night of announcing the derby races on the playa!
~ The chance to design a PedalBump to your own theme
~ Of course we don't want to discourage people who want to help but cannot commit to 6 days, we gratefully welcome anyone who wants to help!

Get involved in our pre-playa action days:

~ Repair our fleet
~ Build new cars
~ Create playa tech lounge furniture for the center ring lounge!

BUILD DAYS are on Saturdays, 11AM – 4 PM at the Pedal Bump Garage at Big Art Labs in Downtown L.A.

1. May 30- Wrench and repair day
2. June 13- Wrench and repair day
3. June 27- Body Build day
4. July 25- Body Build and design/decorate day
5. August 8- PedalBump Design/decorate Day - Playatech (Decorations for the arena)
6. August 15- Playatech build day
7. August 22—LOAD the Truck Day!!!
8. September 12 - UNLOAD Day

And for those NON- LA people we would still love to have you volunteer during the Burn, if you are interested let us know!

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