bring your PENNIES to the 2016 newbie orientation

The honorarium project 'Ursa Major' will be a 14' tall grizzly bear with 'fur' made from about 170,000 pennies. Please bring any and all pennies to the newbie orientation where they will be collected and transported to the artists.    

Reaching to grab what is within her grasp is Ursa Major, a 14 foot tall, grizzly bear sow. She may simply be reaching for berries but perceiveabley she is reaching higher. To the northern sky and the constellation that is her name, Ursa Major. In navigation, the constellation is useful in pointing the way to the North Star. Ursa Major’s pose is inspiring, she brings the gaze and hopes of the participant skyward. She also demonstrates respect for the bears and nature, her pose is not like a taxidermy bear. She is in her natural state and unthreatening. With a durable, unique material that was used on their previous Burning Man project, Penny the Goose, Ursa Major’s fur will be made of US and Canadian pennies. The pattern and feel will be like fur.


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