The Rad Team behind Alke’ the White Dragon Seeks Contributors for their Next Project

~originally posted in the LA Burners Facebook group, and was too awesome not to share - Plaid~

Hello dear Family.

The time has come again, the time to begin working on our installation for this year. Our Team brought Alke' the white dragon last year. This year we are creating the Tower of Ascension.

The Tower has been designed to create an experience of ascension, a 'rising of energy' for those who interact with it. The more people who interact with it the higher this energy rises. With enough people the energy will rise up to the top of the Tower and be shot forth as a burst of flame.

This posting is to let you know of something amazing being born in 'our' backyard. Our team is dedicated to co-creating this project, ideas, labor and funds are all welcome. If you have a positive attitude, like to smile, roll up your sleeves and get to work, and would like to be a part of something special, please introduce yourself and we can figure out how you can add your signature to this piece.

A huge part of this project is creating community through collaboration. At this point we have plenty of hands to create the project, my thought is now to turn the piece from a simple art project into a lightning rod of creation. To use it as a focus to have other things happen, performance, dance, DJ's, to use it as a medium for expression and giving.

Thanks and we look forward to speaking with you!

Swig Miller

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