The Guide to Using – Adding Articles





Have something to say to your LA Burning Man community? Submit an article! This could be content for any of these sections (or others we haven’t thought of yet!):

  • About the Burn
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Burn Around LA
  • The 10 Principles (+ LA’s bonus principle: Gratitude!)
  • Opinions
  • Participate
  • Profiles (people, camps, art, mutant vehicles)
  • Tips, Tricks, & Wisdom

First create your personal profile (see instructions in the section above) and log in to the site.

1) In the top nav of the site, click on “+ New” and then click on “Post”.

First, we’re going to fill out the right-hand column of this New Post page.

2) Pick which type of post you are adding in the right hand column of the page. Most posts will be “Standard” but you can choose other formats if they’re more appropriate (Links, Images, Audio, or for example).

3) Next, still in the right-hand column, you’ll select the Category for your post. This will decide where your post will show up on the site; checking “About the Burn” will put your article in[yourarticle] . Choose just one category (even though your post may fit in multiple categories, for SEO purposes you should just choose one).

4) Tags: These are the search terms for your post. Enter as many as you can think of, separated by commas. Best practice is to click on “Choose from the most used tags” link and see what others have used already and pick from those first. Suggestion: think of what major nouns your post is about, and enter them here.

5) Featured Image: This is the place to upload a Featured Image that will go above your article. This image should be horizontal and at least 600 pixels across.

Now we’re ready to fill in the center column content.

6) Enter the title of your article. Note: your title will become the URL of your article, so keep it short and relevant.

7)Enter the body of your article.You can use bold, italic, bulleted lists, etc. to lay out your article as you’d like it to look. Do not add text coloring to your text, because our style sheets will already be coloring your text.

8) Add Media:You can add images within the text by putting your cursor where you want the image to be added and clicking the “Add Media” button (then uploading the image you want to add).

9) At any point while creating or updating the article, you can click on “Preview” to see what the page will look like. When you are satisfied with your page, check the two check boxes under “Publish” (I understand that my profile will be public, and I agree to the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy) then click on “Save Draft” and your article will go in que to be approved and go live on the site! Cool beans!