The Guide to Using – Adding Events










Events are a little different than adding Profiles or Articles, because you need to fill in the specific information for your event.

1) First, click on Events on the back end of the site, or in the nav bar at the top click “+ New” and then click on either Event or Reoccurring Event, depending on which kind of event yours is.

First, we’re going to fill out the right-hand column of this New Event page.

2) Fill out the “When” section. When you click in the blank next to “From” a calendar will drop down for you to select a date. Choose both a start and end date for your event. Then select the start/end time for your event, or click the “All day” checkbox.

3) Event Tags: These are the search terms for your event. Enter as many as you can think of, separated by commas. Best practice is to click on “Choose from the most used tags” link and see what others have used already and pick from those first. Suggestion: think of what major nouns your event is about, and enter them here.

Next, still in the right-hand column, you’ll select the Event Category for your post. This will decide where your post will show up on the site; checking “About the Burn” will put your article in[yourarticle] . Choose just one category (even though your post may fit in multiple categories, for SEO purposes you should just choose one).

4)Next, still in the right-hand column, you’ll select the Event Category for your event. This will allow people to sort events by category. Choose just one category (even though your event may fit in multiple categories, for SEO purposes you should just choose one).

5) Featured Image:This is the image that will show along with your event. Best images to pick are horizontal and at least 600 pixels across.

Now we’re ready to fill in the center column content.

6)Enter the title of your Event.Note: your title will become the URL of your Event, so keep it short and relevant.

7) Enter the body text for your event. You can use bold, italic, bulleted lists, etc. to lay out your event description as you’d like it to look. Do not add text coloring to your text, because our style sheets will already be coloring your text.

8) Add Media: You can add images within the event text by putting your cursor where you want the image to be added and clicking the “Add Media” button (then uploading the image you want to add).

9) In the Where section below the body enter the event location, or check “This event does not have a physical location.” You might get lucky if your event is at a commonly used space and the event info is already in the system. You will find this out as you type the location name, the system will automatically suggest options for you to choose from as you type.

10) Bookings/Registration:We have the ability to take bookings for your event; we haven’t really played with this feature yet so let us know if you have any questions about how it works (email with your questions) and we’ll do our best to answer them for you.

11) Excerpt: Enter a one sentence description of your event here.

12) At any point while creating or updating the event, you can click on “Preview” to see what the event will look like.

When you are satisfied with your entry, check the two check boxes under “Publish” (I understand that my profile will be public, and I agree to the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy) then click on “Save Draft” and your event will go in que to be approved and go live on the site! Coolio!

13) If this is a repeating event, you’ll want to add your event by choosing “Add repeating event” instead of just “Add event”. This box will be in the center column for you to fill out.