The Guide to Using – Adding Profiles












































First thing you’ll want to do is add a profile for yourself.

Click on Create an LA Burner Profile in the top right hand corner of the site.

1) Fill out the initial Burner Registration page. Fill in your Username, Email, Password, First and Last Name. Your Username is what others will search for to find you on the site, and your First and Last Name are what others will see on the site, so choose wisely.

2) Check the box next to “I am not a robot.”

3) A window will pop-up and ask you to select an image (or images) that match the given phrase. Match the images with the word or phrase and click Verify.

If you chose the images correctly, you will see the message: “Registration complete. Go to login page.”

Click on “login page” and log in to the site.

4) The next page you will see is the Burner Pages entry page. This is where you can add pages for various profiles you are associated with: first add one for yourself (“Burner”), then add pages for any Theme Camp, Mutant Vehicle (art car), and Art you are associated with.

If you are about to add a profile for someone/thing other than yourself, first search the site and check and see if any profiles you want to add are already there. (Search is on the front end of the site, to get there hover over “LA Burning Man” in the top menu bar, then down to “Visit site”. The search icon is in the top right corner of the site.)

Creating your own profile, or one for something else (that isn’t already on the site)? First, click the “Add New” button next to “Burner pages” at the top of the screen (or click the back button on your browser until you get back to the page pictured here (labeled (4)). .

5) Starting at the top, click “Choose File” and select an image to go with the profile. This image should be horizontal to best fit the space. Click Upload.

6)Next up is “Username.” Like on Facebook, this how other people will be able to find and connect to you on the site. Further down the page, you will be able to search for other profiles to be connected to (under Connections) – this Username is what others will need to search for under Connections to be connected to you on the site. (This will make more sense once you get to the Connections instructions below.)

7) The next space to be filled in is the Title field, which comes pre-populated with “[Username]’s Profile”. Note: this title will become the name used in the URL for the page (for example if you entered Black Rock French Quarter, the URL for the page would become ).

8) Now you’re ready to add the Profile Text for the page. The text you enter here will appear on the site just as you type it/bold it/align it/etc. See the tabs on the right corner of this block that say “Visual” and “Text”? That’s where you can toggle back and forth between looking at the way what you type there will look, and the code that makes it look that way. Most of you won’t need to use the “text” tab.

9) You can add images within the text by putting your cursor where you want the image to be added and clicking the “Add Media” button (then uploading the image you want to add).

10) Next, click “Select page type” and select the page type (Art, Mutant Vehicles, Burner, or Theme Camp).

11) Connections: This is where you can connect this profile page to other profiles on the site. As you type, you will start to see a dropdown list of other connections that match what you’ve searched for, so type just a few letters at first to see what other connections show up, and select them.

12) Social: This is where you can connect this profile with profiles on various social media outlets, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google+. When you select a social network (say, Facebook), a blank will appear for you to add the link to that social network. Click “Add” and it will be added to your profile, and you’ll be given a chance to add the next social network link.

13) Videos works much the same way. Click on “Select…” and pick which video # you would like to add. Once you choose one, a blank will appear for you to add the embed code for that video, then click “Add.”

14) Create Albums is where you add the title and description for photo albums you want to add (you’ll be able to add images themselves in the next section). Note: You only get 4 albums with each profile; think of these as the portfolio or showcase for the profile rather than a repository for all pictures associated with the profile. We simply don’t have enough server space and bandwidth to house all of everyone’s photos on this site.

15) Add images to album is where you add images to the albums you created above. Once you check the box and select an album you want to add images to, the site will allow you to upload images (the pop up to add images may be out of sight of the screen… try scrolling up and you’ll see it).

16) Kickstarter/Indiegogo: If you have a Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign associated with this profile, you can add a link to it here. For Kickstarter, go to your campaign’s page and look for the “Share this project” link and click on “< embed >”. A window will pop up with two options, you want the “Widget preview” one. Copy the code (starts with “<iframe”) and paste it into the Indiegogo/Kickstarter code box and click “Insert”. Sorry, only Kickstarter and Indiegogo widgets will work, no GoFundMe or other types. For Indiegogo, the process is the same, just click on the Embed icon (</>) and copy and paste the text it gives you into the appropriate field on our site.

Depending on the profile type you’ve picked, you may also have these fields:

17) Inspirations: For profiles that have this blank… why did you create the [art, art car, theme camp]? Did anything in particular inspire you?

18) Camp needs: Is your camp looking for puppets (like Gigsville is for their Puppet Karaoke), raising money, having work weekends, or looking for transportation for your shade structure? Info like that goes here.

19) Slogan: Does your theme camp have a slogan or mantra you’d like to share?

20) Numbers & Stats: In 50 characters or less, where is your camp or project on the playa? And how many years has it been active on the playa? For theme camps, how many members does it have?

21) Neighborhood: Where on the playa is your camp this year?

22) Last but not least, back near the top in the right-hand column we there is a place to upload a Featured Image that will go above your profile text. This image should be horizontal and at least 600 pixels across.

23)At any point while creating or updating the profile, you can click on “Preview” to see what the page will look like. When you are satisfied with your page, check the two check boxes under “Publish” (I understand that my profile will be public, and I agree to the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy) then click on “Save Draft” and your page will go in que to be approved and go live on the site! How exciting!

Repeat these instructions as necessary to add any other profiles you are the spokesperson for to the site.

24)This screenshot shows you what a completed theme camp profile page should look like. Cool, huh?