2016 LA Decom Needs Your Help!

Event date: October 1, 2016 

From: The board members of your LA Burning Man community non-profit, LA League of Arts and your LA Burning Man regional representatives

We have been hard at work trying to set up a venue for LA Decom 2016. We are considering a number of locations since, once again, the State Park downtown we have used in the past has informed us that their renovation will not be complete in time for our Decom festival this October.

We wanted to take this opportunity to reach out to you -- our community -- and ask for  location suggestions. Finding a place for Decom has been quite difficult in the past two years and we are hoping that you may have an idea that we have not explored.

We have already looked at scores of locations that cannot work for one reason or another.

Things to consider:

  • Ideally we would have the space Friday for setup, Saturday for the event and Sunday for tear down.
  • It needs to accommodate several thousand people (our last decom was more than 5,000 people, and our largest over 8,000, to give you an idea of the size it could become if there were room for everyone, though if we're forced to have a smaller event, we'll do so).
  • We need to be able to operate a bar and have music (ideally multiple stages) till at least midnight (this rules out being near any kind of residential area).
  • We'd need an enclosed space (or one we can afford to fence in), as we have to charge admission to cover event costs
  • We're open to all possibilities, even an outdoor location (that we can fence in) or a large indoor location (ideally built so fire spinning would be possible)
  • If we could find a business to be our anchor in a place where we could shut off the streets, that would be rad.
  • Ideally we'd have the ability to have a fire arts stage but this is not a requirement.
  • It does not have to be in the city of Los Angeles (in fact it might be better if it is not, since permitting here has been very difficult).
  • We would consider anything within 60 miles of downtown in any local city, though of course the closer to downtown the better.
  • We need to have a contract in place 90 days prior to the Oct. 1 event in the city of Los Angeles because of their new permitting rules, which is why we're also looking outside of the city of LA (note: other nearby cities, like West Hollywood or Santa Monica wouldn't have that 90-day permit issue).
  • We have already asked and been told no by almost 100 venues, from state parks to hotel ballrooms to parking lots to Zorthian Ranch, and they all said no or had restrictions that made them not a good fit (no loud sound past 10 pm, no alcohol allowed, not enough fire exits, close neighbors, etc.)

>> Bonus points if you have a connection at the locations you are suggesting so we're not cold calling each venue.

In order to help manage your responses (and give you all the ability to openly discuss this/brainstorm among yourselves and with us board members and regionals) we have created a public Facebook group for you to join/participate in. I'll be posting my current location possibilities there soon for us to discuss.


If you don't do Facebook, feel free to email Plaid (plaid.ramsey (at) burningman (dot) org) and she will get your ideas to us.

Thanks so much for joining our efforts to make the 2016 LA Decom a reality - we can't do it without you!

Esquire Jauchem
Lead Location Scout
LA League of Arts Board Member

Your other LA League of Arts Board Members:
Allan Gelbard, Athena Demos, Cathleen Cotter, David "Widget" Wedeen, Debra Stiers, Marc Rosenthal, Tanto Goldstein and Troy Robson
Your LA Burning Man Regional Representatives:
Athena Demos, David "Widget" Wedeen, Gloria Lamb, Jenn "Plaid" Ramsey & John "Johnny Angel" Simmons

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