[Edit - this is BURNERWOOD! The final cut! Can't wait for you all to find yourselves in it!!]


01. Grandson’s Bedroom
02. Farmhouse
03. Bedroom
04. Farmhouse
05. Main Square
06. Outside Florin City Walls
07. Forest, Near River
08. Open Water at Night
09. Boy’s Bedroom
10. Back on Boat

11. Sea at Daybreak
12. Cliffs of Insanity
12. At the Top
13. Halfway Up Hill, Near Boulders
14. The Ruins
15. Ocean Area
16. At the Boulders
17. Along a Hilltop
18. At the Table
19. Grassy Hilltop, Alongside a Gully
20. Hilltop

21. Boy’s Bedroom
22. Ravine Floor
23. Inside the Fire Swamp
24. Outside the Fire Swamp
25. Pit of Despair
26. In the Castle
27. Florin Market
28. Humperdinck’s Office
29. Forest
30. Pit of Despair

31. Humperdinck’s Office
32. Thieve’s Forest
33. Outside a Hut
34. Inside a Small Cabin
35. Humperdinck’s Office
36. Pit of Despair
37. Village Road
38. Outside Entrance to Pit of Despair
39. Pit of Despair
40. Bedroom

41. Pit of Despair
42. Outside a Thatched Hut
43. Atop a Battlement
44. Buttercup’s Room
45. Battlement
46. Chapel
47. Outside the Castle Gate
48. Chapel
49. Outside the Castle Gate
50. Chapel

51. Outside the Castle Gate
52. Chapel
53. Outside the Castle Gate
54. Chapel
55. Castle Corridor
56. A Different Corridor
57. Castle Stairway to Dining Room
58. Honeymoon Suite
59. Dining Room
60. Honeymoon Suite

61. Outside honeymoon Suite
62. Bedroom
63. Hilltop With Setting Sun
64. Bedroom
65. Credits


By now, unless you’ve been off the grid, you’ve heard about the 2014 art theme – Caravansary – and the concept of a circle of souks around the man, an interactive “marketplace” in place of the Circle of Regional Effigies for this year.

And LA has our very own Souk! Which we’re turning into BURNERWOOD, a little piece of Hollywood just for the playa.

For more information on the souk concept: http://souk.burningman.com/

The LA region is going to give participants a "Hollywood" experience, Burner-style, by encouraging them to act out a few lines from a well-loved Hollywood movie, and then have those lines come together to be the entire film after the Burn.

We're going to be filming "Princess Bride" during the day (then Life of Brian if we have time) but at night I'd like to film random fun scenes.... like the orgasm scene in "When Harry Met Sally" and the "You can't handle the truth!" bit in "A Few Good Men."

There will be minimal editing, and those who volunteer for a souk shift will be responsible for determining how to direct and film their scenes and for any costumes and props they care to provide. In the end, we will have a movie (or three, depending on time/resources) that will each be a funny hodge-podge of scenes and actors.

Each character in the film will be portrayed by several different people. There may be costumes - or not. They may be serious - or not.