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The last meetup of 2016!

Hello all! The Westside meetup is on for next Wednesday night, December 28 at the Pink Elephant in Santa Monica! It's a great event to meet your fellow westside burners while dancing your butt off with the help of DJs (and co-meetup organizers) Todd Spero and Jacob Casmir! But it gets better! LA League of…
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2016 LA Decom Info & Permits! Meetup cancellations! Be A Regional Contact!

Today's newsletter has tons of good Decom news - plus info on the BM meetups and continuing search for more LA regional contacts! Enjoy - Plaid ======== LA BURNING MAN ANNOUNCE 10/26/16 : LA DECOM & SEARCH FOR REGIONAL REPS EDITION ========= INTRODUCTION Well hello there! Didja miss us? We’ve missed you! It’s been a bit since we’ve sent…
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2016 LA Decompression is ON!

We've got contracts signed for LA Decom 2016's date: November 5 at a downtown indoor/outdoor location! We are now in the (extensive) permitting process, read more about it under LA DECOM PROCESS AND UPDATES on the LADecom.com site. Check back weekly for the permits update. In the meanwhile, start dusting off your art, projects, theme…
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LA Decompression 2016 is on!

We've got a contract for a downtown warehouse location for Nov. 5, and we are moving full-steam ahead! Want to help or perform? Check out the sign-up forms on http://www.ladecom.com!  
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2016 LA Decom Needs Your Help!

2016 LA DECOM NEEDS YOUR HELP! Event date: October 1, 2016  From: The board members of your LA Burning Man community non-profit, LA League of Arts and your LA Burning Man regional representatives We have been hard at work trying to set up a venue for LA Decom 2016. We are considering a number of locations since, once again,…
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Art Cars and Sculptors Needed for 2016 LALA Fundraiser!

Attention... ART CARS and SCULPTURES needed! LA Burners, the Los Angeles League of Arts NEEDS YOU! On Saturday June 25th we are staging a fundraiser for the Santee High School Aquaponics Garden that we are building and we need art cars and sculptures to help turn the central courtyard at the high school into an…
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Seis de Mayo (East side meetup) at Theory Labs tonight!

Tonight (Friday, May 6) is the East Side Meetup's special "Seis de Mayo" event at Theory Labs in the Brewery east of downtown. Be there or be square! Details We miss you so much! Theory Labs still hasn't recovered from April's Brewery Art Walk, but we're ready for our Burner friends to please return and…
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 ======== LA BURNING MAN ANNOUNCE 5/3/16 =========   INTRODUCTION Sorry ‘bout not sending the newsletter out last week, guys, I told Gloria I’d do her newsletter for her birthday then found out the Burning Man Placement Questionnaire (From Hell) was due 2 days later. This is important because I’m co-mayor of Gigsville this year aaaaaaaaand…
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======== LA BURNING MAN ANNOUNCE 4/19 /16-ish =========   INTRODUCTION   Sorry for the delay, kiddos, but my laptop froze during a bios update and, well, I’ve had to resurrect my OLD laptop while why new one is away being fixed in “please-Dell-don’t-delete-my-hard-drive-land-and-fix-everything-right-please-thank-you”-land and so it’s been a slllllooooow but sure process to get this…
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LA Burning Man Announce 4/5/16

======== LA BURNING MAN ANNOUNCE 4/5/16 ========= INTRODUCTION Wow! We made it through BEquinox 3 weekends ago, then the Global Leadership Conference (Burning Man dork fest) in San Fran this past weekend, I’m not just full of playa love and my brain swimming with everything I learned – I’m pooped! I’m looking forward to a…
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INTRODUCTION Sorry guys, I got so caught up in unpacking from BEquinox I forgot it was my week to do the newsletter! So here it is, better late than never! BEquinox was exactly what I needed; a taste of the playa a few hours from home. I only got to go for the weekend so…
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Voting for the 2 board positions for the LA League of Arts (the non-profit behind LA Burning Man) ends today, March 1! You can find out everything you need to know (and more) at the link below, including nominee's statements and videos of their 5 minute speeches at the last Town Hall Meeting. Vote TODAY!…
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LA Burning Man Weekly Announce/Newsletter 2-23-16

We're going to try something new: we're going to publish our weekly LA Burning Man Announce/Newsletter here in the blog, in addition to sending it out to those who have signed up for it. That way all of y'all (or all y'all as I'd say it in Texas) can benefit from our gathering of news, events, things…
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Axayacoatl Art Project Fundraising & Bike Parts

~~LALA Board Member Marc Rosenthal is one of the artists!~~ The Axayacoatl project seeks your participation! Axayacoatl is a 21' tall copper mask of the Mexican feathered serpent god, with interactive flame effects and lighting. The project is created by the Firebulb collective including LA artists Marc Rosenthal, Johny America, Nicole Gagne, Brett Doar and…
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Calling All Pedalbumpers!!

Join the PedalBump Pit Crew BUILD Team! Help build and design PedalBump for our 3rd year and become a part of something bigger! Make connections and bond with like-minded creative burners while wrenching, riveting, painting and decorating. Roll up your sleeves and get greasy with us! There’s nothing quite like the feeling of pride when…
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Join the Black Rock French Quarter

Looking for a camp to join or participate with?

The Black Rock French Quarter village is a collection of camps devoted to visceral experiences, such as the elegant cocktail lounge and live music venue known as the Golden Cafe, the Black Rock Bakery famous for its wedding cakes and liquid nitrogen ice cream, the Broken Angel Bathhouse that provides custom soaps and scrubs to visitors, and Cafe de la Fin du Monde serving gourmet coffees.

Our members include builders, artists, musicians, bartenders, chefs, performers, bakers, costumers, and just about anyone else seeking to create a unique experience to share with the Black Rock City community.

And this year, we are doing something special...